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A 10 fully deserved
There are very little things i enjoy here on NG, you brought me back the faith...

raitendo responds:


overrated, as usual

Well, my calculations seem to be more or less correct - every new episode is twice as bad as the previous. I have to admit that comparing to the previous one you made some progress with the animation (that squirrel thing even got itself an arm - wowe!), yet it's still boring, not even annoying.
And all you ppl don't ask the guy to kill the squirrel - it's the only thing that seems alive in these movies. As for the rest, if he had put a still JPEG instead, noone would notice.

Ever tried to put a blank flash with your name on it and see what happens?

a funny game

entertaining enough to waste senselessly time on.
One thing though felt kinda funny - an angel, a delicate frail heavenly being, crushing stone bricks with her own head? And mercilessly stomping on strange giant colorful spiders with her tiny feet?
Well, that's why there is a 5 for humor.
But making a game that makes you last to the very last stage is a VERY difficult thing to achieve, and you made it.


As far as i looked, about 90% of tens comes from 14 year-olds or below.
Well, that's a score perfectly deserved.
Because that kind is humor like
farting-assfucking-dickcu tting-dickwanking...
yeah, that's about it.
I don't have to say that graphics are second-hand because... well it's obvious. I can forgive you that:)
Ah, but whatever, great movie!!! nothing to worry about - every <14 NG user is gonna vote 5 on this movie, i'm positive!


So Flashers are NOT ironical...
Well, that's pretty bad for you are think.
"Flashers" are NOT the group of people that are to be adressed to as World Rulers.
To say "hyperbole" is too little. That's why i thought it was ironic at first. But you do refer to flashers as some visonaires of the new world order, you operate with great symbols (hand holding planet earth, the Michelangelo life-giving gesture etc. etc)...
Flashers - the Masons of the new age... heh..

That's why, though unintended, it made me giggle.


It's pro. Nothing more to be said here.
Plus you get extra points for not being so politically involved as i suspected you would


Well, a great mission must be upon you...
Yet this "manifest" is very nicely made, it looks like a piece of a very subtle and, at the same time, very bitter irony.
The problem is, i'm not very sure if it was really to be interpreted that way.


for a 3 year old...


The concept was good, the making was great, but this all is WAY too late. By now everybody is just puke'ing with matrix parodies..


the idea was great, the realisation - a bit disappointing.
Hey, these "cars" are plain ugly!
The rest - well...
but the idea was great

Very yes.

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