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Mostly referring to "ripping" accusations

Scarydoll is right, as far as I see it there are no direct similarities between his flash short and my "Smile!", except a "smile" in the title. Aloneinthedark, thank you for your will of defending my intellectual property, yet I don't think it's necessary here... although the smiley b/w sunrise which can be seen a quarter second at the very ending sure looked totalitarian ;) ...
Jokes aside, as the author said, that's different stuff, "from different barrel" as I'd normally say in Polish.
A few words about the flash itself, I find it a very witty fairy tale, as far as it could've been told in 10 seconds. If not the contest specification, I wouldn't find this form a good one at all, hastiness doesn't do grim fairy tales very well. But considering it just had to be done this way, you handled it quite well.
Great job, as always. I always enjoy a new movie of yours. Good luck on the contest. Now, get to something bigger :)

you michael moore wannabe you...

Unfortunately the author is not Michael Moore and "propaganda" in his execution is so cheap it hurts. Every time mr. Walrus attempted to make a shiny "pwnage" on Moore, he more and more made be believe in Moore's words, the ones that he himself was quoting, in a poor attempt to mock them and/or put them out of context..
His shocking truths revealed, like Moore being "enemy of freedom" (a true Bush-ish statement, in the background of the American flag) , or the black sheriff motive, were... truly shocking. I congratulate Mr. Walrus on his deep research. I feel enlighted. And accusing Moore of being a sellout while a minute later advertising porn and t-shirts was an idea of similar brilliance.
My personal views on Moore aside, mr. Walrus shows himself in this performance (and some others) as just another simple-minded leech trying to suck money off the internet folk. There are quite a lot of them, you know...
I think showing boobs of celebrities worked better for this goal, however.


great voice acting in this one!
and i like the general feel of it, too - relaxing :)

good ol' madness

...and aphoteosis of senseless violence.. yay!
i liked all the little details, you can see you had a lot of fun making this. i think the best was a guy taking a smoke in the middle of carnage - he probably wished he had some popcorn..

the ending also reminded me of something :)

hey, look what i found!

one of the first officialy Aura-inspired movies! yay!
...on the other hand, it's just a variation on the Aura idea, and some scenes are just blatantly transferred from the original - it even has the funny walk sequence in the beggining:)

still, if you're 14, it's not badly done at all. i wish you only to start coming up with more of your own original ideas and you're all set.

oh, if you continue this, be sure to at least put a working link to my stuff on NG or to my site.

good luck on your future work :)

Pl4gued responds:

omfg. didnt mean to "steal" ur idea. it was just so cool. ill put a working link to pt.2... which wont come out until i finished weaponmaster


A piece of wonderfully composed animation! Almost too good for Newgrounds!
extremely dynamic animation, very nice syncing, camera movement (for those who don't know, such thing as a "camera" doesn't exist in flash creating process), characters.

pro material.
great work.


always nice to see a scarydoll movie on ng...

you got some interesting effects in this one, strange 3d effects taken 1 step further with masking ..
the movie is very dynamic, yet also very peaceful in a way.
and there's even a moral! like in a good fairytale...

this movie keeps my interest with the russian flash animataion scene, yet i think this particular movie goes a little beyond "moscow fiction" [a little term i made up, with which i catalog specific russian animations (not only on ng, i did some investigating) that seem part of a "movement" to me... or is it just me:] ...


now, watching your work both on NG and on your site, i can say that i liked "children's day" the best.
great music loop mixing and a couple of really neat ideas...

now that i know you're russian, and seeing your stuff, i want to ask you one thing - is there something like an official "moscow-fiction" movement?... i've seen more russians experimenting in similar themes AND working in flash (i.e. scarydoll, also present on newgrounds)...

official or not, i like it. hope it doesn't die too quickly:)


i liked it. seemed something fresh for a change. i usually don't like flash (underline "flash") that tries to be dark and depressive without a good reason, but this one made it quite well. bah, well - very well.
in some way it reminded me of my own work, fortunately it had other accents, and nice things to keep attention to.
still, the secret is in the music. ah.
what is this "theodor bastard"? you can loosely translate "pustota" into Polish as "emptiness", but i find it more a coincidence... who are these guys?..


i was looking at that fight scene several times and i don't know what to praise you for - for almost impossible frame-by-frame animation or almost perfect tracing...

while other scenes did have some visible flaws, this one didn't have any...
I'm VERY curious how you did that fight sequence...

confusedwatcher responds:

I can go on and on on, about how this wasnt traced. I won't, because it really is a compliment to me. :). Anywhoo, it's really easy to do such a fight scene. Animation can be extremely smooth if you first animate with stick figures. Also, I may be a newbie at flash, but I'm not a newbie when it comes to animating in Poser.(A 3D program). For those familiar with it will understand.

Very yes.

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