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love made im such an evil stickman... sweet cuddly Wink turned into a merciless killer of poor hooded fellas minding their own business..

a strange turnout indeed..

gel responds:

Hahaha. Wink didn't kill any Hoodleys, he just tied them up and knocked them out! In Wink's defense, they're not dead, they're just sleeping!

Love makes you do crazy things. Go buy a shirt and you'll feel better. !_!



this piece would go to my favorites if not the TERRIBLE sound effects, which just didn't let me concentrate and kept me annoyed throughout the whole, very nicely made, movie.
my advice is - please don't let it waste, try to do something with the sound effects...


reminds me of arfenhouse - a clear inspiration in fact..
well, it has everything a popular flash on newgrounds should have - skaters, lotsa sprites, DBZ, sticks... waait, WHERE there any sticks?....

nice parody, kept in the bad tone from start to finish, i had some good laughs.

only for portal regulars, though.

Jimong5 responds:

Adept_Omega's Response:

I certainly would agree... frequent visitors of the portal and Newgrounds veterans will probably catch more of the references, or better understand the concept being presented, than would a newer or unexperienced user. I'm glad you made a point of that, because I'd definitely say your statement holds weight.

As for sticks... we actually did have them briefly in a scene that was ultimately cut from the final version of Magus vs Lucca.


some said that my first and (at this moment) only movie on NG reminded Tool videos...
Well THIS one reminds Tool videos.

Impressive semi-3d.
yet the question is - why playing with "manual" 3d when we have 3d programs? is it because one doesn't want to desecrate the holy pure 2d-ness of flash?:)
i for example don't have such a dilemma any more. when i need 3d flash, i use 3d all the way, and it (usually) gives much better result at relatively low cost. Very soon i will reveal my newest movie and you will be able to judge yourself.

anyway, in both cases there are good sides and bad sides.
you managed pretty well:P
well done soldier.

HeRetiK responds:

because I suck at real 3D programs and I'm to lazy to learn them. Besides I like creating in 2D more. :)

I remember your first movie, aura. liked it a lot. looking forward to your newest movie ;)


Here's a typical example of what a japanese animator can do with an ordinary bad techno song when he works on it a while.
Speechless. I hate you japanese guys:)

...you are japanese, are you?...

do you know what "Koopa" means in Polish?

It means - "shit". literally.

I'm so tired of these repetetive mario combat sprite movies, try doing something of our own people, for pity's sake....

this particular movie isn't that bad (for another mario clone), but do try switching the effort to something just a BIT different... i know it's tough but you can do it...


you bet i won't write.


i could not want anything more for a good night's sleep!

great to see your movies out on NG again.


I liked the FBI car.


you show'em!

Very yes.

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