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http://www.digart.pl/zoom/3270357/kwa _dziadek_2060.html

I'll take the liberty of Google translating this for you:

2060 AD,
As the social life has long been impossible without the Internet, Assdrives 9.0 provide instant access to WiFi 18.9 in every corner of the globe. Traditional written and spoken word has become irrelevant, the language changed into the a system of acronyms and links to Youtube.

Skeptical of new technologies grandfather causes embarrassment at his grandson..


Sexual-Lobster responds:

assdrive 9 wow the future is bright!

hey, look what i found!

one of the first officialy Aura-inspired movies! yay!
...on the other hand, it's just a variation on the Aura idea, and some scenes are just blatantly transferred from the original - it even has the funny walk sequence in the beggining:)

still, if you're 14, it's not badly done at all. i wish you only to start coming up with more of your own original ideas and you're all set.

oh, if you continue this, be sure to at least put a working link to my stuff on NG or to my site.

good luck on your future work :)

Pl4gued responds:

omfg. didnt mean to "steal" ur idea. it was just so cool. ill put a working link to pt.2... which wont come out until i finished weaponmaster


i was looking at that fight scene several times and i don't know what to praise you for - for almost impossible frame-by-frame animation or almost perfect tracing...

while other scenes did have some visible flaws, this one didn't have any...
I'm VERY curious how you did that fight sequence...

confusedwatcher responds:

I can go on and on on, about how this wasnt traced. I won't, because it really is a compliment to me. :). Anywhoo, it's really easy to do such a fight scene. Animation can be extremely smooth if you first animate with stick figures. Also, I may be a newbie at flash, but I'm not a newbie when it comes to animating in Poser.(A 3D program). For those familiar with it will understand.


love made im such an evil stickman... sweet cuddly Wink turned into a merciless killer of poor hooded fellas minding their own business..

a strange turnout indeed..

gel responds:

Hahaha. Wink didn't kill any Hoodleys, he just tied them up and knocked them out! In Wink's defense, they're not dead, they're just sleeping!

Love makes you do crazy things. Go buy a shirt and you'll feel better. !_!



reminds me of arfenhouse - a clear inspiration in fact..
well, it has everything a popular flash on newgrounds should have - skaters, lotsa sprites, DBZ, sticks... waait, WHERE there any sticks?....

nice parody, kept in the bad tone from start to finish, i had some good laughs.

only for portal regulars, though.

Jimong5 responds:

Adept_Omega's Response:

I certainly would agree... frequent visitors of the portal and Newgrounds veterans will probably catch more of the references, or better understand the concept being presented, than would a newer or unexperienced user. I'm glad you made a point of that, because I'd definitely say your statement holds weight.

As for sticks... we actually did have them briefly in a scene that was ultimately cut from the final version of Magus vs Lucca.


some said that my first and (at this moment) only movie on NG reminded Tool videos...
Well THIS one reminds Tool videos.

Impressive semi-3d.
yet the question is - why playing with "manual" 3d when we have 3d programs? is it because one doesn't want to desecrate the holy pure 2d-ness of flash?:)
i for example don't have such a dilemma any more. when i need 3d flash, i use 3d all the way, and it (usually) gives much better result at relatively low cost. Very soon i will reveal my newest movie and you will be able to judge yourself.

anyway, in both cases there are good sides and bad sides.
you managed pretty well:P
well done soldier.

HeRetiK responds:

because I suck at real 3D programs and I'm to lazy to learn them. Besides I like creating in 2D more. :)

I remember your first movie, aura. liked it a lot. looking forward to your newest movie ;)


yes, this requires a nice long review.
I really liked the concept. I really enjoyed the grotesque and overall climate.
In some ways it reminds me of my piece over here on Newgrounds (Aura), maybe it has something to do with the fact that we both come form the Other side of the world.
You share the obsession with flies, but i take this as pure coincidence (very funny for me though).
But some things in the making didn't turn out very good:
1. the perspective in the first scene is overdone - the layers run around too much and instead of perspective there is chaos
2. in some places the animation is far from perfect - like the part where the girl sees the knife - like she would change speed while falling. i don't find this intended
3. bad voices - they sound pretty effortless and are poor quality
4. overall sound - i had to regulate my speakers all the time + the fly looping sound was pretty annoying

eh... i don't want this review to be discouraging by just counting out the bad sides- by now this movie is in my favorites. The graphics, the concept and the climate are vey enjoyable. It's all about the animation - it takes A LOT of skill to make it do what you want it to do, but eventually it can be done.
Overall - good job Scarydoll.
+ i would very much like to know how do you see my own movie which was mentioned in here. how about giving it a nice review ey?:)

Scarydoll responds:

Yea I sure remember seeing your Aura the other month or something. Something about you lefthanded operating with the right mouse. Some of the scenes reminded me my Santa Crows in a way (funny :^) I liked Aura a lot and even shared the link on several forums. Your animation looked great and outstanding to me. However the story wasn't too clear - I could only figure out what was going on from your introduction. It was like nothing made the viewer guess that the man was actually the source of the bad aura or the reason of events happening around. That is my opinion. And I thought I gave you the highest score.

You're right about sounds - it has always been my weak point. I used to record them by shouting in hearphones, now I use video camera microphone but the result is still far from great, as you see.
And there're a lot I don't like about this movie either. But I spent 6 weeks making the piece so I got pretty sick of it. Felt like if I don't stop making it right now I will hardly ever :)
Anyway, thank you for your detailed professional comment, I appreciate it a lot.


A 10 fully deserved
There are very little things i enjoy here on NG, you brought me back the faith...

raitendo responds:


crappy isn't it?

Did you make the "bzz" sound by yourself?

Ranxx responds:

Yeah.. I held the mike to my throat and said bzzzz. I even made the wing beating noise with my mouth.

Very yes.

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