TSIOQUE - last 24 hours on KS! DO IT!!!

2015-09-04 16:26:13 by Sarkazm

TSIOQUE's already reached its funding goal, but with so much more still to achieve in stretch goals, there is no time to rest. Just one day remaining...

The time to act is NOW! Make! This game! Come true!



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2015-09-04 16:39:34

Shia labouf's disease is spreading.


2015-09-04 16:39:58



2015-09-04 16:41:26


Sarkazm responds:

Thanks Tom! You're the best.


2015-09-04 19:16:45

You did it! Congrats! :D :D :D

Look forward to playing it once it's out.


2016-02-10 05:39:22

hay um, i have a rather un related Question to your game( lookes cool thou, reminds me of machinearium ) did the little brown man from LDforEver, was he just tricked and kiled like a live stock animal to be used for his internals, or was his internals transfered to the newbody with his contiones, meaning he did become one of the white elite but also lost his former self in so.
btw plz dont give me the it all depends on your perspective. last time some one did that it was the end of " in bruges" and i really liked that movie and the open ending did make me remember it.... as the film that was realie good till the end, then fuged up( was still good ending ). so plese can you give me an answer so i can just finish my essay, ya im righting it on your stuff.
thank you for your time and making such a power full film/anim