TSIOQUE - yes, it's happening!

2015-08-16 16:38:29 by Sarkazm

While greenlit on Steam, over 50% funded with over 600 backers, the road to TSIOQUE's completion is still long and perilous.


Those who become aware of it seem to like it, this makes me happy. "This is what an animated adventure game should look like" they say, there's a lot of "awesome", "gorgeous", "delightful" and the like.

And yet we still dance on the razor's edge here. People need to know it's happening, dammit! But how, how? Damn, I miss the days when making a good product was good enough.



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2015-08-17 04:40:57

Ooh, looks cool. :)


2015-08-17 15:38:10

Don't get me wrong but I find it a bit weird that you promote this as "hand-animated in glorious frame-by-frame 2D" yet the trailer starts off with some really cheap flash animation. The rest of the frame-by-frame animation looks GREAT though. Good luck!

Sarkazm responds:

This issue is actually going to be fixed soon, try looking again in a while :)