2013-10-07 07:35:31 by Sarkazm

HI Newgrounds!

This is a message to all you awesomely talented folks who come by here and post that awesome stuff.

I'm doing a new project, a game this time - a dark fairytale you may call it - and I'm looking for someone who can assist me in animating the thing. We're talking from simple cleanup to full animation depending on a person's will and capabilities.
No huge bucks this being a self-funded project but it's a paid job. And it's FUN FUN FUN. Those who want to apply must have something solid to show, a showreel would be very much welcome.

Feel free to PM me here or e-mail me (e-mail on my website).




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2013-10-07 08:31:15

Well sorry can't help you there, I'm not talented. :p


2013-10-07 10:50:26

mmmm wish I could join, I'm loving those backgrounds! Looks like Monkey Island-ish material.


2013-10-07 15:36:02

I would help but i want to release one more cartoon to see if i'm qualified because, I progress little by little. Would that be cool?


2013-10-07 17:18:46

Can't help, unless you need a composer as well as an animator. Have you thought of making a post on the Collabinator?


2013-10-07 22:30:25

I'd help, if you're interested in having me as an additional animator message me!


2013-10-08 05:49:28

What kind of animation you are using? I mean is it frame by frame, or animation based on sprites moving ( I think it's called ragdoll)? If it is second I would like to help, but I don't think I match your criteria. I have some expirience with animation for web browser game, I could send you some of my work.


2013-10-08 17:09:54

No one is able to match your level of animation ability, Sarkazm, on entire Newgrounds.
Those who can are too busy to help out others.


2013-11-16 16:47:02

i could help if u need a specific tipe of voicing for it and i dont need any payment in return but only wish to be a part of it after seeing your animations am quite impresed and looking foward to see more of it


2014-01-11 21:07:25

Hey, I know you. You made "Smile".

Sarkazm responds:

Yes I did.