Boobs! I mean interview.

2013-03-28 07:50:50 by Sarkazm

So I got interviewed here recently, I thought you'd might want to check it out.


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2013-03-28 08:25:55

Great interview. I hope to see your new game soon.


2013-03-28 11:09:37

LUCKY DAY FOREVER is mind blowing, you rule


2013-03-28 16:50:31

Good interview, i almost wanted to just not read some of the what is your interpretation of X movie, because i always like the mystery of not knowing what you were actually trying to do with it. hmph

(Updated ) Sarkazm responds:

That was my idea. I hope you enjoyed my job of answering these questions without saying anything at all :)


2013-07-14 05:57:28

Many thanks for your dedication and spent time.
What a pleasure to meet an author of all those works right here. :) Some of them really changed my life entirely.


2013-07-26 03:49:26

Dude congrats on getting Movie of the year here on Newgrounds well deserved indeed!