Lucky Day Forever, you like?

2011-01-08 09:15:45 by Sarkazm

As you may or (more likely) not be aware, there is this project of mine called Lucky Day Forever. It has recently come to my attention that there this thing you can make on Facebook called a Fanpage and it supposedly lets people show they like stuff.
If you can overcome the antipathy for Facebook and you're looking forward to LDF, click the link above and press that big fat "Like" button! It's important. There is no marketing budget or a PR/promotion machine, it's just you folks.

If you don't know what the hell is Lucky Day Forever, you can watch the trailer here on NG.

Lucky Day Forever, you like?


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2011-01-08 12:01:50

That picture of a dark ally is very creepy.


2011-01-08 12:22:15

Not much for Facebook, but I'm waiting for it on hands and knees.


2011-01-08 13:13:46

I am extremley excited for this project and have been for a long time now. How is it coming along? I will watch the trailer later. :)

Good luck man, I've always been a fan of your shorts here on NG that you us to post.


2011-01-08 13:26:50

I've seen the trailer a long time ago. But sorry man, i still can't overcome my antipathytowards facebook, but I'll let you hereby know that your stuff is kickass!


2011-01-08 13:52:13

yah Im seriously and excited for this


2011-01-21 18:35:11

Now I've been hooked on your flashes ever since I saw 'a christmas special' but there's been one thing that I've never been able to bring myself to ask until now. Why is it that you go for a dark theme in all of your creations. I'm not implying that it is a bad thing either; I'm just wandering what drives you and how it is that you come up with these ideas. Though, for some reason, I feel that this will look differently in text than it sounds in my head. so, please don't take this too seriously if it sounds offensive.


2011-01-21 18:35:40

Sorry for lack of question mark...


2011-06-01 00:14:10

Great trailer.

When will this be out?
Is it still in process?


2011-09-30 13:17:06

I pester you about random shit all the time, but I want you to know I am a fan of your work. Hanged Man is my favorite flash. I like the way Lucky Day seems. I hope it is close to completion by now! Good luck!!!


2012-03-12 09:24:11

Twoje animacje po prostu wymiatajÄ...!!!
Polsupah i A Christmas Special naprawde mnie zadowoliÅ'y,oby tak dalej!


2012-05-08 14:54:34

gonna watch it tonight on the festival for animated film in stuttgart :3


2012-05-10 03:27:38

Hope the project's moving along. Glad you're still submitting art; I really love the way you draw characters! Best wishes and best of luck!


2012-05-25 03:06:38

Hell yeah i like, just watched it now and it's incredible.