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Comments (28)

As a fellow Polish animator it's good to see You back.
Lucky Day was awesome :D

Keep up the good work :D

Front paging now!

When I saw the trailer I tought: "Hm this gota be cool."
But it was beyond my expectations. I watched this during lunch and after the film I noticed that I didn't touch any of my food, that's very unusual for me.
You created an amazing animation.

Awesome job Sarkazm! Everything was beautiful.

Oh shit dude I've been WAITIN for this since that trailer
aaaghgahgah so pumped

You, sir, are a prophet, not an artist. I am so pleased that this finally came to be!

This is absolutely amazing. Literally the best flash submission I have ever seen, and I've been on the internet for over a decade. VERY well done! I also complement you on how you managed to get the sounds to be so perfectly in sync and usable. This is a great, lovely, wonderful piece of work I assure you I won't soon forget. And neither will the rest of the world.

Fuckin' amazing.

Fucking Amazing Flash Forever

Movie of the year.

that was beautiful

This will definitely be a contender for "Film of the Year" here on Newgrounds, and it would come as no surprise if it wins this title. Incredible job.

glad to see you back. i can SMILE again.

Still looks beautiful! Glad to finally see it hit Newgrounds! ^_^

Left a massive review and in case tl;dr, let me just say it here: absolutely incredible.

This is a whole new level of quality that I didn't know could be achieved by a few people.

this is an incredible short, congratulations on finishing this beast. I'm happy for you man

I'm glad I saw Lucky Day Forever as it came through the Portal. Is there a Polish language version, or was this done originally in English?

There is no Polish-only audio version, but there's a Polish subtitles version. Of course as soon as the NG player supports subtitles I will update :)

Is it true that Lucky Day is based in the novel 1984? and if so, is it worth buying?

Is the novel worth buying? Yes.

Hi, Alek! I decided to visit Newgrounds for the first time in months and was quite pleased to discover that you had at last released your film that you first let us get a sneak peak of in the Werehouse forums back in... April 2008. Been a while, hasn't it? It felt quite strange to find that old topic again and see my old posts from 5 years ago. I would have liked to reply in those forums, for old time's sake, but they seem to have been locked. So I'll just say that it's really nice to have you back. Your new film exposes the ugly artifice of our current world by grossly exaggerating it to the point where it is impossible to remain ambivalent to the symptoms. Judging by all the positive responses, I'd say that you've hit a nerve with people by expressing what they themselves have been feeling. If anything, the economic collapse since you started on this idea has made these things only more obvious, as the illusions have started to wear thin in the real world as well.

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